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Fishing REports

Area Lakes including Guntersville, Tims Ford, Woods Reservoir, Lake Nickajack and Lake Normandy


Thanks for visiting...for reports prior to April and May  2019, can be found on my Facebook page   as we just went through a site rebuild... Bass Fishing Reports current and historical reports, includes water temperature, lures, best advise for area lakes

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​Guntersville Lake April- June 2019 –  Had another great couple of days with clients and teaching jig fishing.  We had lots of nice fish in the 3 to 5 pound range, We caught fish almost exclusively on Mussel Crawler Jigs from Tightline Green Tequila and the new Golden Flash, both tipped with a Missile Baits Twin Turbo Tail trailer in Green Pumpkin with black fleck.  We caught them in 12 to 15 FOW on the back-channel shell beds.  Water temps range from 78 to 81 degrees.  The  swim-jig bite  has been the go to for my clients

 Woods Res Report for May-June 2019 – Woods Reservoir was a blast again this spring.  We caught some good fish mostly on Mussel Crawler jigs from Tightline Jigs in the new Golden Flash, Green Tequila again both with Twin Turbo Tail trailers from Missile Baits.  We’re focusing on 10 to 15 FOW.  Water temperatures are 78 to 80 degrees depending upon location. If you are looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift we still have gift certificates available.  

 Nickajack Lake – April to June 20197- I had the pleasure of spending a several days over the past two weeks on Nickajack with clients visiting Chattanooga and we had a blast. We boated 30-50 fish per day mainly all on Tightline Mussel Crawler Jigs and Tightline Jigs “Catch 5” Big’N in a white Shad or Guntersville Special Swim Jigs.  Water temps ranged from 79 to 82 degrees.  Water temps ranged from 77 to 82 degrees. We found our fish scattered on road beds, main channel grass and points while covering water from Marion County Park down to Shellmound State Park.  Our best fish came from 14 FOW using Mussel Crawler Tightline Jigs with twin turbo tail trails.  

 Tim’s Ford Fishing Report – April - June 2019 – Tims Ford Lake has been a little tough but remains good for our clients… Our better fish have been coming mostly on Mussel Crawler jigs from Tightline Jigs in the new Tim’s Ford Special, Green Tequila and on Finesse baits.  We’re focusing on Main lake points and pockets with a gravel and chunk rock in 4 to 18 FOW.  Water temperatures are 76 to 79 degrees depending upon location 

Please wear your PFDs and beware of your surroundings; Drink lots of water and use sunscreen.    Make your reservations now for some great fishing on Guntersville, Nickajack or Tim’s Ford. We supply all fishing gear, including Duckett fishing rods, LEW’s reels, Vicious Fishing Line, top shelf lures such as Missile Baits soft plastics, and Tightline Jigs all at no additional cost you.  If you want to catch fish on Guntersville, Tims Ford, Woods, Normandy or Nickajack Lakes…I have days and USCG Licensed guides available…now is the time to start making those plans for the Late June  and July ledge action.  Unmatched dedication to making your trip successful and enjoyable. “Let’s go fish’ in”   

Tims Ford Lake, Capt Jake Davis

Tims Ford Lake, Capt Jake Davis