Capt Jake - Mid South Bass Guide

Capt Jake Davis, USCG Licensed


Mid South Bass Guide Professional Bass Fishing Guide Service on Lake Guntersville, Tims Ford, Woods Reservoir, Nickajack Lake and Normandy Lake. Is Owned and Operated by  Captain Jake Davis a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Great Lakes & Inland Waterways Captain.

  I'm a full time, year round guide service on Lake Guntersville,  Tim's Ford., Woods Reservoir, Nickajack Lake. Thanks to my great sponsors such as Duckett Fishing, LEW'S , Missile Baits, Tightline Jigs and many more.  We offer reasonable guided-trip rates (no extra cost for lures/tackle and I do give a military discount), professional and courteous service, top-quality fishing lures, tackle, and gear...our primary goal is providing you absolutely the best and safest fishing experience I can provide.      

In January 2005, after serving in the Air Force for 21 years.  The betterhalf (Kerrie) and Jake (MSgt) retired in Middle Tennessee.   It was a easy transition as his last duty assignment was Chief of Officer Accessions and Health Professions Recruiting in Nashville TN.   After a couple of years working in the tackle industry as a sales rep for rod companies and VP of Sales/Operations for Current River Manufacturing all while guiding part time and tournament fishing,  they decided to move to Winchester TN on Tims Ford Lake, where Capt Jake started guiding full time ever since!

In his spare time, Capt Jake is the Tennessee BASS Conservation Director, Asst. Director of State Tennessee BASS Nation High/Youth and Regional Director of the Central Region TN Bass Nation.  He works with 1650 High School and Junior High School Anglers as the tournament director and mentor promoting sportsmanship and the future of Bass Fishing.   See our great accomplishments by visiting   

Although, I continued to consult for several industry companies, I finally discovered the perfect office— the casting deck of a Triton TR-20X bass boat! That's where you will find me most days of the year.  To be exact 194 days in 2009, 223 days in 2010, 287 days in 2011, 271 days in 2012, with 268 days in 2013, 285 days in 2014, 307 days during 2015, 2016 with 295 days,  2017 with 235 days, 2018 ended with 204 days on the water....FY 2019 is shaping up nicely with 155 days already scheduled or completed

​A word of advice:  All guides on the Tennessee River are required federal law to be United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain. Every year Guntersville is over run by what I call Tournament Practice Guides, who are not licensed or insured to carry people fishing. These are anglers doing nothing more than using your time and your money to practice for their tournaments.  You have every right to ask to see their guide’s license, so ask for it.  If you don't ask for their license you are putting yourself a risk if an accident happens.